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I’d like to tell about my new podcast The Tortilla Diaries. As your host,  I’d like to extend a warm welcome and hope you’ll join me as we explore and celebrate “la familia Mexicana,” or Mexican American families. Our program shares stories about not only the Mexican American culture, but about the Hispanic culture as well. We’ll hear stories from the people themselves and we promise you’ll come away with a better understanding of the rich and diverse Latinx cultures. 

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Feminist writer Gloria Anzaldua states that: “Culture is made by those in power—men. Males make the rules and law; women transmit them.” In the radio memoir, La Morenita, gender roles are defined and women occupy the lowest status. This program highlights that for the Latina female, the concept of obeying those in power cuts across racial lines—right or wrong, rational or irrational. When a young Mexican American schoolgirl is ordered to stop speaking Spanish, the child finds herself straddling the border of two cultures. Under the cultural imperative that she must obey, she struggles, not desiring to succumb to the Anglo power structure because it robs her of her cultural identity. White society imposes its frame of reference on her, robbing her of her essential personality. The little girl in the memoir desires to be herself—Mexican and American—to find her place in society—to find her voice. In the end, she regains what she lost—through the process of self-discovery—and succeeds in finding a niche within her bifurcated world. (Time: 16:24)